Living Life with

, the Freedom to 

Just Be

What was your Big Dream? 

Several years ago I read a study that got me thinking about my childhood dream. The researchers claimed that whatever it is a child dreams of becoming at age 8, is actually their life's purpose! Their data revealed that 94% of adults are NOT living their childhood dream; they did not report on the reasons why not. What was your childhood dream? Are you living it?

If you still had those childlike qualities, what would you have done differently? What would your life look like today? 

What experiences in your story caused you to abandon your hopes and dreams?  You were just a kid. How were you to know that by letting go of those magical childlike qualities you possessed, that you would also be abandoning your true self. When being curious, adventurous and fearless wasn't accepted, you began to associate these qualities with negative consequences. You stopped taking risks, you learned to see obstacles instead of possibility, you stopped being relentless about asking for what you want, you learned that comfortable kept you safe.


You were just a kid, how were you to know that the Gift of Your Story was the Uncomfortable.


Now you're an adult who feels safe behind the mask of comfortable. How were you to know that the Curse of Your Story is the "mask"!

If you want to experience the world through the eyes of a child again, to feel excited and alive; there's a way to get that feeling back!



What is              ?

These are the childlike qualities that once allowed you the Freedom to Just Be You. Living life with them will help you rediscover what it's like to live from your heart, not your head..  

                               is what helps you feel connected, less alone and part of something bigger than yourself & your story.


It's the foundation for staying true to who you are at your core.

Learning to treat yourself with                              how you uncover strength in vulnerability and unleash the power of authenticity.


Core Concepts of 


Creates an environment of mutual trust & respect

  • The ability to be honest with yourself & others about who you are 

  • No hiding, defending or pretending -being true to who you are despite being  judged

  • Take 100% self- responsibility & see how you have power  in that you have choice

  • Eliminates blaming and excuses   

  • Fosters self-respect and self-trust


​Creates a Safe Space Where Someone Feels Seen, Heard & Less Alone

  • Gives rise to acceptance whereas sympathy judges

  • The ability to sense what others are feeling - to "walk in someone's shoes"

  • Being able to support without the need to fix

  • Validating another person's experience or feeling



Creates an Environment Where Someone is Seen, Heard & Valued

  • The ability to refrain from imposing judgement towards another or one’s self. ​

  • Allows you to "let go" of the need to control .

  • Doesn't mean that you agree or like what you choose to accept

  • Fosters authenticity & vulnerable.


Creates a Feeling that You're Part of Something Bigger than Your Story

  • See a piece of you in everyone you see - look for commonality

  • Allows you to understand

  • Relatability helps foster connection which nurtures  community and resilience


Creates a Sense that "All Will Be Ok"

  • Start taking cues from your body -   "gut feeling"

  • Trust in people and life until until they are proven trustworthy

  • The ability to trust yourself - if you trust yourself then it's easy to trust others

  • Trust that things happen "for you" not "to you". 

  • Trust that the when you live with  H.E.A.R.T., your life will flow like a river 

A life without

  • You're heart will be empty of a love that's genuine & pure

  • You're mind will be filled with fear, frustration, judgment, anger and uncertainty

  • All that you do and say is based on what's in your mind, not in your heart

  • Your mind will make you believe that it isn't "safe" to "Just Be" yourself

  • The burden of hiding the real you allowing yourself to be seen or heard for who you truly are will slowly destroy the "real you"

  • The fear, frustration, judgment, anger and uncertainty that you once felt towards yourself will be projected onto all the people you come in contact with.

  • That negativity thats eating you up is now spread out into the world and it eventually becomes what we see on the nightly news

living life with 

Redefine the Story of...

  • You, with a knowing that you've strengthened your resilience through connection 

  • Life, now that you focus on what's right instead of wrong 

  • Experiences , you see everything as a chance to opportunities to learn and grow

  • Goals,  you now see possibilities, not problems 

  • Your Purpose,  with the clarity that comes with letting go

  • The Meaning you attach to the actions of others

  • Acceptance of others now that you feel a sense of connectedness and belonging

  • Your How You the way you interact with the world now that you know you're part of something bigger, a greater good


  • life as you, no more hiding, defending, pretending

  • freedom in being comfortable with what's uncomfortable

  • a hunger for "experiencing" life

  • curiosity that frees you to think "outside the box"

  • wonder & newness of life as you see through a new lens 

  • the thrill of "not knowing" that comes with taking chances

  • seeing a piece of you in all that you see

  • how life flows freely when you live from your heart


  • Self-Trust,  as you find your way back home to youi

  • Self-Respect, you see the damage from the mask. You'll. never abandon yourself.again by wearing it

  • Self-Esteem, you stopped hiding behind the mask and you're damn proud

  • Self-Compassion, it's time to be kind to yourself

  • Self-Acceptance, you're learning to be ok with all of you - the good, the bad and the ugly!

  • Self-Forgiveness, you did the best you could at the time - you just wanted to feel safe