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  • be patient with myself & my progress

  • not try to do & be everything to everyone in my life

  • live my life putting my emotional & physical needs before others, understanding that this in not selfish - it's actually selfless!

  • practice Honesty by being "real" with myself about who I am, what I value & what I want & don't want.

  • make an effort to have more Empathy with myself; I will be more understanding  & less critical of myself & my life. I will no longer extend sympathy, or pity, to myself - that causes me to judge myself.

  • be more Accepting of the good, the bad & the ugly of me. 

  • look for more ways that I can Relate to myself- I will see in me what I admire in others.

  • begin to Trust myself more, realizing the more honest I am with myself the easier it is to trust me.

  • remind myself that I do the best I can with what I have available at the time.

  • learn how to let go of past hurt, as it hurts only me in the present.

  • start a daily practice of saying "I love you & I forgive you" each time I look in the mirror.

  • listen to how I talk to & about myself - replacing each negative comment with a positive one.

  • start treating myself the way I would like others to treat me.

  • take 15 minutes each day to sit alone in silence - even though it may be uncomfortable as hell!

  • begin paying attention to what my body is telling me - I will go with my  "gut feeling" over my head.

  • give myself permission to be silly & care less if others judge me for it.

  • bring back the curiosity, playfulness and innocence I once had as a kid.

  • take self-responsibility for my life - this shows me I'm nobody's victim; I have choice & therefore power

  • learn to let go of anger, resentment, blaming and excuses.

  • remind myself that "I am Enough" ;  I'm safe to  just be me , no "mask" required!

  • take notice of how when I'm true to me, life gets easier.

  • be grateful that when I love & accept me, I see a world that is more loving & accepting

  • teach these principles to other so that they too can experience the  Gift of Living Life with                                   . the Freedom to Just Be and the ultimate power of Authenticty.

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